Dr. Bernat Escoda Alegret

Dr. Bernat Escoda

am a doctor, specialized in Physical Activity and Sports Medicine.

I have worked at the Pas de la Casa-Grau Roig Medical Center since 1995, and in 1999, together with Marcel Escoda, Carme Mombiedro and Cristina Santuré, we created Medisport, a centre of sports medicine and physiotherapy in Andorra la Vella; since then, I have been working in both centres.

My connection with winter sports has a long history, as in my childhood and youth I participated in alpine skiing competitions; nowadays I still go alpine skiing and mountaineering, even though I cannot do it as often as I would like to!

I am currently the National Secretary (for Andorra) of the International Society for Skiing Safety and Winter Sports Medicine SITEMSH. As its National Secretary for Andorra, I’m trying to promote the carrying out of studies related to accidents in winter sports, and I contrast my research with other specialists at an international level at the biannual congresses of the SITEMSH and other meetings dedicated to this subject.

The existence of this web page is my “fault”, and so is the intent to try to inform about our activities through the social networks and get our message across to the highest possible number of users.